An application dedicated to refrigeration professionals

Designed for refrigeration professionals, Clim’app is a simple and mobile solution adapted to daily problems related to refrigerants usage and management

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Regulatory monitoring and management of refrigeration facilities

Features tailored to your business

Interventions management

Clim’app helps you filling regulatory documents and gives you access to the complete history of your interventions.

  • Load
  • Recovery
  • Leak detection
  • Leak repair

Equipment management

Thanks to an integrated barcode system, Clim’app provides quick access to all useful information about the equipment. These data are made available to you to carry out your interventions very simply.

  • Facilities
  • Containers of all brands
  • Sensors

Documents and intervention sheets management

At the end of each intervention, Clim’app automatically generates your intervention sheet. These documents are now available electronically.

  • Intervention reports

Container management and traceability

Manage and access your container information from the mobile application and tell Clim’app their position. You will be able to know at any time their last location.

  • Container information
  • Container shipment
  • Container reception
  • Inter-container transfer

Management and administration interface: web mode

The Climb’app web interface allows you to manage your information and find useful data for monitoring your activity.

  • Management of users, customers, sites, vehicles and carriers
  • List and movement of containers, list of detectors and installations
  • Find in one click all the useful information for your annual declaration

Designed to simplify your life

  • Offline mode

    Perform and record your interventions, even in offline mode

  • Synchronization

    It is automatic but you can start it manually

  • Geolocation

    Geolocate yourself and automatically access the installation you are working on

  • Barcode scan

    Access to facilities and containers by barcode reading

  • Dashboard

    Administration, activity monitoring and dashboard access

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